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CCC MyPath: MyPath. Your College.

What Is MyPath?

Each year, on average, 72 percent of California community college students are lost between the college application process and enrollment.

CCC MyPath has been designed by the California Community Colleges to reduce this number.

By utilizing the Four Pillars of Guided Pathways, CCC MyPath IS the student GPS in a collegiate guided pathways framework.*

Guided Pathways 4 Pillars Workflow

* Pillar 4: Ensure Learning, coming at a later date.


CCC MyPath is a no-cost, college-configurable guided pathways and student onboarding platform that complements/supplements existing local portal/tools. While it is not a local portal replacement or standalone student service portal, it can be.

CCC MyPath can be specifically branded to any of the 116 California community colleges. Because it is tightly integrated with CCCApply, workflows can be customized to have the student pathway before OR after application, or before AND after application. Utilizing local credentials with single sign-on authentication, CCC MyPath does not require students to remember a separate set of login credentials.

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